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Special Edition

August 2017

42 year old male complaining of swelling in his left testicle.

Contributed by:

Luke Lauridsen

4th year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine.


Muhammad T. Idrees, MBBS

Associate Professor of Pathology at Indiana University School of Medicine

Director of the Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Laboratory at Indiana University Health Pathology in Indianapolis, Indiana

History and Presentation:

42 year old man presented to his primary care physician with a complaint of left testicular swelling. On physical examination firm mass was palpated. Serum markers were negative. An orchiectomy was performed. The photomicrographs below are from the tumor sections and immunohistochemical stains.

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Microscopic Examination:

Figure 1: Circumscribed tumor within testicular parenchyma (H&E, 4x)

Figure 2. Epithelioid to spindled pleomorphic tumor cells in whorls and short fascicles

Figure 3: EMA, strong AE1/AE3 immunohistochemical expression in tumor cells.

Figure 4. CD99, Diffuse CD99 membranous expression

Figure 5. Nuclear and cytoplasmic expression of Calretinin in tumor cells

Answer choices:

1. Angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma (AITL)

2. Hodgkin's lymphoma

3. Follicular dendritic cell tumor

4. Interdigitating dendritic cell tumor

5. Fibroblastic reticular cells tumor

6. Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor

Final Diagnosis and Discussion-August 2017

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